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Business Consulting

Whether you are justing starting your venture or you own a growing, thriving business, Gomez Innovations offers a menu of business consulting services aimed at helping you generate results and increase revenue. We combine a personal, face-to-face approach with online video training to maximize your budget and provide you with the strategies you need for the road ahead.

Business Consulting Services

  1. Idea Development
    Do you have a business idea but no clear direction to get you started? We can help you brainstorm ways to turn your idea into a viable business. Transform your ideas into streams of income.
  2. Business Planning
    Are you ready to get started with your next business idea? Let us help you create an Action Business Plan that will help you achieve your business and financing goals. From executive summary to the financial projections, we'll walk with you every step of the way.
  3. Marketing Plan Development
    If you have an existing business, product, or service and are looking for an airtight plan to get the word out to your target market, we can help. We will help you create the perfect online and offline marketing strategy to put your company into front of millions of protential clients.
  4. Brand Development
    Your brand represents your promise to clients. We can help you create a brand that conveys the true promise of your company, products, and services and builds a valuable relationship with your target marketplace.
  5. Strategic Sales Development
    Building a strategic sales funnel is not an easy task. Using a combination of tried and true sales strategies and software automation, we can help you create an engine that closes deals and generates the revenue you need to grow.
  6. Software Development Planning
    Save tens of thousands of dollars in software and website development cost by hiring us to create your planning and specification documents. The right plan will save you time and money by helping your developers create the right product the first time.

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Take a few moments to access our FREE online workshop, How to Start a Business Online. We created this workshop to provide you with an example of our expertise. If the free workshop helps you, we hope you'll contact us for more help.

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